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Legal and Administrative Support Platform for Citizens and Companies

SIMPLEACT defines itself as a platform that aims to support citizens and companies on their access to legal and administrative services. We adapted our modus operandi to the 21st century, paying special attention to the new technologies and means of communication – doing so in an essentially web-based way – to advise, assist and help to proactively solve a wide range of situations – whether they’re small bureaucratic issues or especially complex and demanding processes.

We’re a multidisciplinary team, formed by lawyers, solicitors, and other professionals specialized in a wide range of fields. In order to provide an adequate and comprehensive response, having always as our gold-standard your safety and confidentiality, we have established partnerships with credentialed professionals, such as managers, insurance brokers, translators, realtors and real estate appraisers, travel agencies, etc.

SIMPLEACT has emerged from the difficulties felt whilst dealing with legal and administrative bureaucracies.
We want to be the response to the doubts and complication of migrant citizens, solving the bureaucratic hindrances that make their life difficult.
We aim to reinforce the support given to the Portuguese diaspora and communities, helping them in overcoming the difficulties to solve their pending matters in our country.

Also, we don’t forget the immigrant community who chose Portugal to be their home: we want to help them get through the burdensome bureaucracy, eliminating the constraints felt when dealing with the State or the numerous entities that they need to address.

And last but not least, we want to be a facilitator agent for Portuguese companies with sporadic or permanent operations abroad, advising them in their questions related to administrative and/or legal aspects. We know the difficulties they’re facing – e.g. when in need to expatriate workers –, and we have prepared solutions to ease them.

Regardless of the nationality and entity kind (individual or corporate), we are a solution in the Lusophony space for everyone that has, or intends to have, a connection with Portugal, with no substantial increase in costs, journeys or time spent.



To the ones gone/going abroad and that, naturally, still have pending bureaucratic processes with or in Portugal;


To those that live in Portugal and are feeling difficulties in their institutional relations with it;


To the entities, in Portugal or abroad, that need bureaucratic support for their teams or in their operations, whether in their permanence in Portugal or whilst displaced abroad.



Because we all know the burden of bureaucracy in our daily lives and, with the right bridges, the path is smoother.

With the right bridges, far becomes close.

With distance added, everything seems to be even more complicated. We’ll help you to keep your life organized while you’re away from Portugal. We take care of your pending matters, so they don’t get out of hand and complicated, allowing you to focus on the reason why you left.

With the right bridges, arrivals are not a problem.

We help you break barriers: cultural, linguistic and bureaucratic. We’ll keep you accompanied during the whole process, starting even before you arrive – so that everything is prepared to give you and your family all the tranquillity -, and following you during the whole length of your time in Portugal.

With the right bridges, opportunities arise.

Regardless of your route, always keep a safe haven. We know that bureaucracy is the biggest consumer of your business’ precious time and resources. We advise you in your processes of: internationalization (legal aspects, insurances, customs, expats or workers abroad), hiring personnel, State relations…

Tell us about your barriers, we’ll help you break them!

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